Current Beauty Favourites

These are the products i love this month, i can definitely recommend them ! 

Postcards from Berlin

It has been a very long time ago,when I have been in Berlin,but at that time I had no blog where I could spread my inspirations and pictures with.
So here are a few pictures from Berlin to get a expression and inspiration...
Hope you enjoy it :)

A weekend in Austria

As it was my mothers birthday we spend two days in Austria <3

Things that make me happy #1

Hello and welcome to my new project on the eighth forest!
Okay I think the greeting was kind of creepy and weird, but I don't know what went wrong with me at this moment :D
Yeah,but this is totally a new project - What project?
I want to post,I don't know every few days or weeks a post about things, who make me happy,sad, annoy me or something else like this.
So today I want to start with things,that make me happy.

1. Spending time in the nature, especially in the forests, with my dog or my friends,family.
I think there is nothing, that makes you more calm down from all the school stuff like doing a walk.

Rainbow sparkling unicorn cupcakes

Hi my sweet foxies!
We are sorry for the soo long no-blogging time. We had a lot things to do in the last time, but we collected a few post ideas and I hope you'll like them. :)
Soo I'm a totally freak of baking, especially cupcakes and I'm obsessed with unicorns (and foxes) and every sparkling! So I had a really crazy idea of a new cupcake recipe. So if you want some of this amazing cupcakes just follow the directions below.

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