Postcards from Berlin

It has been a very long time ago,when I have been in Berlin,but at that time I had no blog where I could spread my inspirations and pictures with.
So here are a few pictures from Berlin to get a expression and inspiration...
Hope you enjoy it :)

So we've done a lot of tourist things to see a bit of Berlin. I think Berlin is a city,that you should've seen.

So I hope that I gave you some beautiful expressions and maybe the travel push ;) 
Lovely week,
Love love love Daisy ♥


Carina Chung said...

Have been reading up for my winter travels. Going to berlin on the 17th of decemeber and It was nice to come across your photos and post :)

X, Carina
Running White Horses

Daisyfox said...

I'm happy of insprining you :)
XO daisy 💕

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