Back to school

As the new school year is beginning, sadly, I want to do this back to school post. I don't even know about what else I can write in this post, but I try to do my best :)

I don't like the thought of going to school again after 6 weeks of lazing the howl time. But I have to.

I think the most important thing in going to school is, having beautiful things like a gorgeous schoolbag or pencil case. I think school makes more fun so (so far is able to make fun). 

So I want to show you my things:

My schoolbag:

It is not that interesting or exiting, but I like it. I used a handbag for a long time, but it was not that useful and so I changed to a schoolbag. I think, if your schoolbag is pretty and don t looks like primary school, it's okay to use them.

My pencil case:

I love it! I like the pattern and the colours and you have really enough space for all of your pencils.  It`s perfect for me because I'm a totally pencil freak and have too many....

My homework notebook:

We got these notebooks last year in school,but I thought the layout was really ugly and so I covered it up with a white blank page, on which I draw some birds and flowers. Now I like it.

And at the end: the things without I can't go to school:

I think everyone of you have this things, without you can't leave the house.
 For me these things are a anti frizz lotion (for my curly hair) and this comb.
 I don't know about you, but when the weather is really bad and it's raining, my hair is horrible. I have this curly hair, which you can't straight in the winter and autumn. The curls always are always coming back. And so I bought my anti frizz lotion. The comb is for my bangs. I have a really problem with my bangs, I hate wind and bad weather and rain. I don't like it when my bangs have blanks.

I hope you have a nice day. 
Love love love daisy <3


Maya said...

Time in school is the happiest time in our life. I have left school more than 5 years. Miss it so much!

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Anonymous said...

I'm italian and so I stayed at home 3 month for the summer holiday!!! It is so sad!!!! Ahahaha :):):)

I love you school bag!!! *.*

Ivy Fox said...

Haha i Wonder If i will say that too when i left school ;D

Ivy Fox said...

Haha 3 months is soooo Long!!
We have just 6 weeks! :DD

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