Jewellery shelf- DIY

Hi my foxies!
Today I want to show you something I did, i dont know.. last year. But it is still beautiful and I want to share it with you :)
It is not that difficult and very easy to explain.
I've drawn something: the steps how you have to work and what need to use. I don't know, but I kind of like this version of explaining you the steps, I hope you like it ,too.
So lets start.


Unfortunately i am not the one who made these photos...
My mother did, because she were in Ireland to organize an exchange program ( she is a teacher)  for a week, while i had to go to school :(
But i loved the photos so much, so i had to share a few with you guys <3

Back to school

As the new school year is beginning, sadly, I want to do this back to school post. I don't even know about what else I can write in this post, but I try to do my best :)

I don't like the thought of going to school again after 6 weeks of lazing the howl time. But I have to.

I think the most important thing in going to school is, having beautiful things like a gorgeous schoolbag or pencil case. I think school makes more fun so (so far is able to make fun). 

So I want to show you my things:

Wishlist september

Hi my sweet foxies!

it is september since a few days and I got my new pay. But every time when I get new money, I have new wishes, too.
And it makes everything even more frustrating when I figure out how much they cost.
But I want to show you this list of things anyway.

With an exchange in Italy

As the time there were so great, we want to share some memories with you <3
Italy is just so beautiful...

Bric-a-brac market time!

Hey my foxies!

At first I want to thank you soooo much for the sweetest and most lovely comments <3

You have to know that I'm a totally freak of bric-a-brac markets and so I went to one last saturday.
Every time when I'm on a bric-a-brac market, I'm almost looking for old and vinatge picture frames.
But this month were not soooo beautiful ones..
But I bought two things anyway.

Living dreams ♡

Which Girl doesnt love to wonder how her future Home will be?   
I hope these pictures inspire you to dream, as they Did it to me :) 
Source : weheartit

As I was at very different places in the last weeks and did a lot of shopping, started my first summer job, and with the beginning of the new school year and blabla, my favourites changed very much
sooo I though i will show you my new loved stuff ... and i its very funny,  because I felt like a real blogger when I wrote that post,
And believe me, we are so happy that we have already 10 followers :D

Forrest-green, raspberry-red, snow-white & teneriffe sea-blue: My new things

Wuhu little eighth forest foxies!

I'm sorry for the few days without a new post,but I was very ill and almost layed the howl day in my bed. Buuut now good news: I'm healthy again! 
So because I'm fit, I can show you my new things.
While I was photographing my clothes and shoes with my reflex camera, I felt really weird :D

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