Hei lovely visiter!

You want to know more about us? The two foxes?  Then you're right here!
Here you have two lists about us and our blog.

Something about the blog:

  • we had the idea of blogging for a very long time,before we started one
  • we found it on the 20th August 2014
  • we posted our first post on this date,too
  • we named it 'The eighth forest' , because of our obsession with foxes and who doesn't know, foxes are living in the forest. The number eight is because of the fact, that we are both born on a eighth
  • we are blogging , because we love the world of the bloggers and the possibility to express yourself in the internet

Something about us:
  • we are two normal 16 years old teenage girls
  • we have a obsession with foxes or just every cute animal
  • we love all kind of vintage 
  • we are fans of flowers
  • we can't miss one single bric-a-brac market
  • we are shopping freaks
Hope you have fun and enjoy our site!

Aaand we take part at a campaign on a very beautiful site,maybe you will check it out: *klick*

Ivy and Daisy♥

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