A rainy day and amazing cookie cupcakes

Wuhu my little foxies!

I don't know about you,but here it is raining and raining and raining. Normaly I like rainy days,because you can wear hoodies and can laze the whole day ;)
Or you can bake some cookie cupcakes!
While I was studying spanish for the next school year, I had the idea of baking. You have to know that I'm a totally freak of baking cupcakes or cakes. And the more curious the more I love them.
So today I want to show you this amazing cookie cupcakes. You can't eat more than one cupcake, but it totally worth it.
The recipe is from the website recipegirl.

A trip to Sweden ♥

 Are you one of these people, whose first and only thoughs are snow, Ikea and meatballs when they hear Sweden ?
Well, i meet a lot of people like you.
And when i tell them that i am going to spend my holidays there, their reactions are always :

"What ? Sweden ? You will be there in
 Summer ? Isn´t it terribly cold and boring ?"
 noooo it isn´t !!
 And because i want to show you that you will    miss something when you ignore the north of Europe in your holiday planning, i want to show you some impressions of my last trip to Sweden.

Shorts with foxes


I want to explain you how you can make one of the sweetest shorts ever. And of course they are with foxes (but you can use every animal or thing you ever want to).
If they are finished they look like this:

There are new foxes in the wood ♥

Hi guys !

We ( two normal teenage girls who have a little obsession with foxes or just every cute animal ) wanted to start a blog about simply every thing, because we love the world of the bloggers and the possibility to express yourself in the internet.

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