Do It Yourself - The best crystal necklace that you've ever had

Here is the promised Do it yourself post about how to make a crystal necklace!
There was this one necklace, I adored for a very long time, but it was too expensive in my thoughts.

Foxes don't wear jewellery? - You're sooo wrong

 Hei my foxies :)
I think the title says everything :D soo if you haven't noticed my today theme: it's my jewellery favorites!
You have to know that I have collected a lot lot lot lot of jewellery over the last years.
So to make this not so long and in fact of boring you, I just show you my favorites.
Buuut I also counted my jewellery for you just to get a little impression of how many I have :D
Earrings : 63
Necklaces: 22
Rings : 10
Bracelets: 30
Soo I think that this is a lot!

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