A trip to Sweden ♥

 Are you one of these people, whose first and only thoughs are snow, Ikea and meatballs when they hear Sweden ?
Well, i meet a lot of people like you.
And when i tell them that i am going to spend my holidays there, their reactions are always :

"What ? Sweden ? You will be there in
 Summer ? Isn´t it terribly cold and boring ?"
 noooo it isn´t !!
 And because i want to show you that you will    miss something when you ignore the north of Europe in your holiday planning, i want to show you some impressions of my last trip to Sweden.

Me and my family spent 7 days (too short) from the 4th to the 12th of August in a little holiday house between the little city Boras and Gothenburg (behind Stockolm the biggest city in Sweden).
We booked the house in the Internet (there are a lot of good websites) and we had a lot of luck, because this year we were quite late with our planning, and this small house was nearly perfect.
It was pretty cheap, typical swedish red, the hirer were super friendly and the distance to next lake were just about 2 kilometers, and short trips to the cities took only about 30 minutes.

The first days we just relax at the lake, and my brother and me swam a lot.
What i like most at Sweden is, that when you go swimming you share the whole beach the most of the time with about 3 people, or normally with nobody ... So you cant ask the person on the neighbour towel if they could apply your sunscreen ;)

When you are a shoppaholic like me, you will become poor in Sweden...
Perhaps you know the typical scandinavian minimalism and there a lot of amazing swedish labels on the pricey site, like Fillipa K, Tiger of Sweden, Acne ....
But there are also some realy cool shops for normal people who havent a rich uncle in America :)
I personaly like Bik Bok the most aaaaand there is a Topshop in Gothenburg !
I went a little bit crazy and bought definitely too much and i think its better to make a post for itself to show you that.
Well and in the cities you can spend your money in a lot of amzing Vintageshops, i loved this one which I found in Boras.

In Boras is also a quite big and well known univerity for fashion, and in the same building is also a
liitle museum.
This year there was an exposition of the incredibly talented Iris van Herpen, and her dresses were so amazing ! I was totaly impressed :

This year I didnt do a lot of photography, and because this is one of our first posts I think i just show
you some pictures from the cost, which is definitely worth a visit, and i super easy to reach.
I hope you like this very little post and you give the north a chance the next time you plan your holidays :))


And i love these special rocks, i havent seen them everyelse than in Sweden, I think the nature in the north is very unique : a bit rough but fascinating ♥



Julia said...

Tolle Fotos!! Ich würde auch total gern nach Schweden reisen...hier bei uns in Süditalien haben wir recht viel mit schwedischen Touristen zu tun und die schwärmen alle von ihrem Land!!

Tanti saluti,

Ivyfox said...

Ciao e grazie mille !
Ich fahre jetzt seit sieben Jahren jeden Sommer mit meiner Familie nach Schweden um meine Verwandten zu besuchen und es ist jedes mal wunderschön :))
Kann ich wirklich nur empfehlen !

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