As I was at very different places in the last weeks and did a lot of shopping, started my first summer job, and with the beginning of the new school year and blabla, my favourites changed very much
sooo I though i will show you my new loved stuff ... and i its very funny,  because I felt like a real blogger when I wrote that post,
And believe me, we are so happy that we have already 10 followers :D

Ok i think i am not the only one who love this stuff, but its realy just great..
I dont use it every day, because although its non comedogene, it not the very best for my skin. But for a special event it will make your skin flawless

Ok this is a food, and this is seriously the most delicious chocolate on the world !
Friends from Belgium gave me this as a present when they visit us last week ... I am so sad that i already ate it :(((

And this is my new calendar, which i loved at the first time ... isnt it lovely ?
I bought it in Sweden, so i dont know if its available every where...

As my old pencil case was ready for the rubbish, i found these one in pimkie , for just 3 euros *_*

omg let me tell you i love this mascara, its waterproof and gives volume to my short lashes.
Its from Catrice and cost 4 euros

Unfortunately i forgot this album, but when i tidied up my room ( I can just recommend that :D ) i found it between my sport clothes.
Its so great for your work out ! The beats are very motivating and although i dont like rap normally i can just recommend macklemore ;)

And last but not least i found these little box in a thrift shop ... isnt it amazing ?
Have you any ideas what i could keep inside ? :D

Ivy <3

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