Wishlist september

Hi my sweet foxies!

it is september since a few days and I got my new pay. But every time when I get new money, I have new wishes, too.
And it makes everything even more frustrating when I figure out how much they cost.
But I want to show you this list of things anyway.

This amazing sweater is from urban outfitters and it was totally in love from the first moment i saw it. I think a lot of you think 'ugh it is sooo ugly', but I don't care, because I wear what I like and love. And I think this is very important for everyone.
But back to the sweater:
I like the sweater, because it has these cute foxes all over and i loove the pattern. I think it is a good compy .It costs 55€ and I hope that I can buy it.

As I'm a huge fan of flower printed things and pieces, its logical that love this amazing autumn dress. I'm more one of these people, who like the dark and warm colours.... for example  this dark red, dark green or dark blue.
Sooo this dress is just perfect for me.
It is also from urban outfitters and costs 59€.

Just between all this clothes I want to show you this CD. It is freaking amazing for me, because I'm a die-hard swiftie.
And so it is a must have for me. The only song I heard from it is 'shake it off' yet. Taylor sings in this song about  that you shouldn't care about the rumors and thoughts from other people about you. 
I'm going to buy it at amazon for ca 22 €.
As I'm in love with high waist jeans,this one is perfect for me. And I think I need a new jeans,too. But it isn't cheap, so I don't think that I'm gonna buy it. 
It costs 65€ and is also from urban outfitters.

This beautiful top is from urban outfitters, too. (as you can see I love this shop)
But I'm not shure of buying it, because the winter is coming and it looks more like a thing for the summer.
It costs 39€.

This amazing retro sunglasses are from rayban. I'm just  in love with it. 
I also have the classic wayfare sunglasses from rayban and I adore them. You also see the difference between a rayban sunglasses and  10€ sunglasses. 
As rayban sunglasses are not that cheap, it costs 108€ by Misterspex.

This is my september wishlist. Have you some wishes, too?  
Have a nice weekend.
Love love love daisy <3

(the pictures are all from the websites, where I would buy them)


Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

I'll love to own a fox sweater. It's too cute!!

Daisyfox said...

Oh yeah! I love it, too. I want it so bad :)

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