Bric-a-brac market time!

Hey my foxies!

At first I want to thank you soooo much for the sweetest and most lovely comments <3

You have to know that I'm a totally freak of bric-a-brac markets and so I went to one last saturday.
Every time when I'm on a bric-a-brac market, I'm almost looking for old and vinatge picture frames.
But this month were not soooo beautiful ones..
But I bought two things anyway.

I'm in love with all vinatge things! So I had to bought this rusty,old but also beautiful alarm clock. It is moving a little bit too fast and ticking very loud but I love it anyway.
The alarm is so loud that you almost falling out of your bed.
But I searched for a alarm clock a long time and it was love at the first sight. And so I had to bought it and for just 2 €, which I think was a really good deal.

Finally I also found a picture frame, but only one which made me sad. But I think this one is soo beautiful, so it isn't that worse.
The guy told me, that it is from the 20th and this made me fall even more in love with this vintage thing.
I bought it for 8 €, which I think is a good price for a original picture frame from the 20th.

This was the post, it is a little bit short but I hope you liked it anyway :)

Love love love daisy <3

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