Things that make me happy #1

Hello and welcome to my new project on the eighth forest!
Okay I think the greeting was kind of creepy and weird, but I don't know what went wrong with me at this moment :D
Yeah,but this is totally a new project - What project?
I want to post,I don't know every few days or weeks a post about things, who make me happy,sad, annoy me or something else like this.
So today I want to start with things,that make me happy.

1. Spending time in the nature, especially in the forests, with my dog or my friends,family.
I think there is nothing, that makes you more calm down from all the school stuff like doing a walk.

2. Drawing 
I don't know about you, but there is nothing more beautiful for me drawing and practicing my skills in drawing. Just sitting with a cup of tea, my sketch blog and my pencil in my bed and listening to relaxing music.
picture from we heart it

3. Doing something crazy and awesome with your friends
I think the people you like the most are always the best option to make you feel better and to let yours mind wander. Maybe you and your freinds have a crazy idea of doing something in your freetime, like doing a bad taste party. Just you and your best freinds so you don't have to shame and be just yourself. But also the old school idea going to a cinema is always beautiful. 

4. Listening to your favourite music
Everyone of us has a different music taste. Because every person gets inspired by different lyrics and instruments. For me it's the amazing Taylor Swift. I know most of you just say, that she got a long list of ex lovers and that she's insane. But I like her and her music, I think she've done a great way from the little 15 years old girl to the superstar. And I think her lyrics are perfect for my feelings and situations in life. 

So I hope that I can inspire you and that you like this post. Maybe you tell me in the comments what are about you and what make you happy? It would make me happy.

So love love love 
Daisy ♥

P.S.: I got the new Taylor deluxe CD and it's amazing! I'm looking forward to the concert in june in germany! -> I will report you from this :)

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