Shorts with foxes


I want to explain you how you can make one of the sweetest shorts ever. And of course they are with foxes (but you can use every animal or thing you ever want to).
If they are finished they look like this:

It is not that difficult as it looks like, it is totally easy and looks amazing when it's finished.
And all  you need is:

Okay, there are only 
  • an old or new  pair of shorts (I prefered a sweatshorts from H&M costs ca. 10€)
  • siccors
  • water-based paint pens for fabric (you can choose every colour you want to use)
  • an old board

The first step is drawing any animal you like at a board. I have chosen a fox because I'm obsessed with them:

Then you cut it out. So you can use it as an edit format:

The third step is to draw around this edit format on your shorts,like this:

So you have the fox on your shorts and you can draw a face for him (I also have coloured my foxes, like the tail,the face,...):

And so you go on and draw one fox after another:

And finally you have wonderful shorts.
You can use them for sleeping or doing sports or just for every day stuff.
I hope you liked it and I'm happy about every comment.

Love love love 

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