There are new foxes in the wood ♥

Hi guys !

We ( two normal teenage girls who have a little obsession with foxes or just every cute animal ) wanted to start a blog about simply every thing, because we love the world of the bloggers and the possibility to express yourself in the internet.

So nooow you can see our start to try to be a part of this.
We will write about the all time favourites like diy, beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel, but also about situations of the every day life of two 16 years old girls ;)
We hope that you will enjoy reading and have fun ! ♥
ivy an daisy


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, i've seen your first posts and i'm totally inspired about your lifestyle and interests :)
Go on with it :) !!

Daisyfox said...

Oh thank you so much :) we are happy, that we inspire you :) and thank you for reading our post :) <3

Anonymous said...

I like very much your blog!!! It is very interesting and I like fox too :) ahahahah
I hope you will carry ok with this blog!!!

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