Jewellery shelf- DIY

Hi my foxies!
Today I want to show you something I did, i dont know.. last year. But it is still beautiful and I want to share it with you :)
It is not that difficult and very easy to explain.
I've drawn something: the steps how you have to work and what need to use. I don't know, but I kind of like this version of explaining you the steps, I hope you like it ,too.
So lets start.

 Here you can see all steps in one picture, but when you scroll a little, you can see, that I took pictures from all the single steps  so you can see them a way better.

What you need

So here you can see everything you need (if you can't read my writing):
  • an old shelf
  • little hooks
  • white wood paint
  • brushes
  • Art Potch
  • napkins

1. Remove it

So the first step is to remove all the boards, which are needless for you. I kept three boards in my shelf. One to hang up my necklaces at the little hooks, the second for my nailpolishes and the third for, I don't know :D maybe someday I find something for this board.

2. Paint it

Then paint the shelf white. I think this is the simplest step.

(I'm very sorry for my hairs in this picture)

3. Fix it 

So then when the colour is dry you can fix the little hooks at the board if  you want to.

4. Decorate it

If you want to have a shelf like mine, you have to do the last step

So then pick the napkins and place them in the right size at the places where you want to have them.
If you are finished with this paint with the Art Potch over the napkin, so that it is fixed.

And then you are finished.

Here are some pictures of mine:

I hope you liked the the post and could follow the steps.
Love love love Daisy♥


Anonymous said...

It is a lovely idea!!! *.* I will try it one day!!!!

Kiss <3

Daisyfox said...

Thank you :) :* and I'm happy of inspiring you :)

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