Holiday ideas

Hei my foxies!

I'm sorry for the long no-blogging time,but it's the school beginning and there is many stress and I had a long post blockade.
But I have collected a few ideas since the few weeks.
A friend of mine and I had a awesome holiday idea. And I want to show you some more ideas for travelling I want to do this year.

The first stop is: PARIS

I told my boyfriend month ago that it would be awesome being in Paris over Christmas or in the winter. So he had the idea of going to Paris on valentines day. It is on a saturday , so we have the howl weekend. It would be absolutely awesome, if we do this and I really think we are going to do this in february.

Second stop: SPAIN 

A friend of mine and I want to go to Spain in the summer holidays. We want to do this with the organisation "workaway". This is a site,where you can register and choose some families or guys wo need a worker. And than you apply to this job with your account.
We have some favourites at the moment and took some pictures today for our account. You only have to pay something to make a account and than you just have to pay the flight. Because when you work by the family you don't have to pay something for the room or the food. Which is totally amazing, because for holidays it is such that cheap.
I think we are going to do this this summer and I will show you my expressions after that

Last stop: ROME

With my school I'm organising a travelling to Rome with a few guys. I think it will be amazing and we are going to fly trough Rome and I've never been flying bevor,so it is really exiting,but I think I'm going to do this! In this group we can plan all the things we want to do on our own. And have to do presentation for our other group members and get marks on that presentation and how we gonna work in Rome. But I'm totally looking forward to this beautiful time. We are going to do this in this time next year.

So I think I have some things what I can report than. And places, where I can take pictures. I have to say at this point that I've never been at this places before and that I never been flying bevor so the next year is full of new experiences.
I hope you got some places, where you go the next year, too.
The pictures are not mine, they are from we heart it.

Lovely last weekend day for you guys!
Love love love daisy <3


Anonymous said...

Rome is beautiful! I went there with my class last year! It wad amazing *.*

Daisyfox said...

I hope it will be amazing for me,too!

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