Foxes don't wear jewellery? - You're sooo wrong

 Hei my foxies :)
I think the title says everything :D soo if you haven't noticed my today theme: it's my jewellery favorites!
You have to know that I have collected a lot lot lot lot of jewellery over the last years.
So to make this not so long and in fact of boring you, I just show you my favorites.
Buuut I also counted my jewellery for you just to get a little impression of how many I have :D
Earrings : 63
Necklaces: 22
Rings : 10
Bracelets: 30
Soo I think that this is a lot!

Sooo let's begin with my favourite earrings...

  • This brown big earrings are made of many little flowers and I love this earrings! I think they make every simple outfit a little more exciting without putting to much jewel on you. 
  • The silver, green blue ones are decorated with some little birds on it. They are just really simple, but I like, that they cover a just a little bigger part of your ear than so tiny earrings. 
  • The golden ones are my totally favourites at the moment! I love golden jewellery, I think it fits my hair colour better. 
  • The turquoise ones are also very very simple but I like the colour. 

All together I have pierced my ear 4 times. Three at the left site and one at the right.

So let's go on with my bracelets. I just have a few ,that I wear. A lot of them are too simple or uncomfortable for me. Like pearls ,they just annoy me. 

  • so this three are my totally favourites. The one with the tiny turtle is just so lovely and beautiful.
  • the one in the middle is a classic one and fits every outfit perfect.
  • the one on the right side is my favourite! it has a touch of purple and gold and 
  • silver and sparkles! I can't get enough of sparkling things!
  • Here I have just a few bracletes I don't wear anymore. But I'm a kind of proud of them, because they are from italy, croatia and tenerife. Maybe you call me weird,but they remind of the time I spent there long time ago and so they are also my favourites even if I dont wear them anymore.

My most loved necklaces:                                                             

  • This one is my totally favourite one! I wear it the most and I just love it so! because of the fact,that I just think it's so beautiful with the little daisy in there.               

  • These two are also gona be worn a lot. They are short necklaces and pimp every simple outfit up!

Last but not least...

  • My two favourite rings. They are golden ore rose coloured.
(And sorry for the no nailpolish time,but while I play guitar it breaks)

I hope you liked the Post :) And tomorrow I'm going to do a necklace by my own! I will tell you about this.
Love love love Daisy♥

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