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 We have to say sorry for that too long no blogging time! But we were stressed from all that school stuff and we hadn't inspirations of a new post.
So I hope you are not so sad and angry about it!

But here is a new post.
I mostly had to say sorry for the so long no post time and so it isn't a so speculating post, but I hope you like it.
I just want to show you my today outfit. It's not that extrem super interesting, but I hope you like it.

So this is my outfit. A crop top from Urban Outfitters, a little blouse,which remindes me of bohemian or hippie. A higwaist jeans (which is totally my favourite) and my lovely daisy necklace.
It is just very simple,but I kinda love it anyway.
I'm trying to recreate the blog layout, because I don't like it anymore, but it is a very heard thing. 
But I hope you like my outfit and post and have a great week!
Love love love, Daisy ♥ 

1 comment:

C. Marie said...

Normaler Weise mag ich solche Shirts nicht so sehr, aber das hier, kombiniert mit dem Rest sieht wirklich gut aus! Toller Post!
Liebe Grüße ♥

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