Forrest-green, raspberry-red, snow-white & teneriffe sea-blue: My new things

Wuhu little eighth forest foxies!

I'm sorry for the few days without a new post,but I was very ill and almost layed the howl day in my bed. Buuut now good news: I'm healthy again! 
So because I'm fit, I can show you my new things.
While I was photographing my clothes and shoes with my reflex camera, I felt really weird :D

At first I want to show you my new shoes: 

Yes it's doc martens. I don't know your opinion,but I love love love this shoes! Some people
(almost boys) don't like them and say that they are looking like rubber boots, but I also know some guys who love my shoes like I do. I also own ones in black with flowers and I love them, too.
 I think you can wear them to everything. Shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, in the summer or winter.
I orderd them at amazon for 'only' 108 €, normally they cost 150€.
 So I think this was a good deal. (but I think this yellow bootlaces are looking horrible at them)

And this is my new button down shirt:

Yeah, I think some of you think now: ' Ugh, it's cord.' 
Usually I'm also not a big fan from cord, but I love this piece!  I searched for a woolen cardigan, but than I saw it and it flashed my mind. It's a bit oversized, but I think this makes it so beautiful. It's from my totally favourite shop: Urban outfitters! I'm a totally freak of this shop and can't leave it without buying something there. And they also have there the category 'urban renawel' where they sell some pieces in the stil of the last years. It cost 40€.

And now I want to show you my new lace dress:

I have searched, I don't know three years, for the perfect lace dress. And now I got it! I love the vintage touch at this dress. But I prefer to wear it with a little brown belt so it looks more like heaving a waist. I also will wear it in the winter with a woolen cardigan or my new cord button down shirt. 
I orderd it by zalando and it cost 45 € in the sale.

And finally another thing from urban outfitters my new sweatshirt:

It was in the sale and so it has only cost 15€, which meant that I had to buy it. And if your jeans is not high waist you can see your stomach, because it is a kind of crop top. I'm also totally in love with crop tops. I think for winter or autumn it is awesome and I will wear it a lot.

I don't know about you, but I love my new things and I hope you liked this kind of post and have a nice day! :)
Love love love daisy ♥


Anonymous said...

Hey girls! You have a great fashion style, i like your new clothes :-)
I think that doc martens are really special shoes, but i'm not tough enough to wear them...
And i love your blog ;-)
Ps: are Daisy and Ivy your real names ??

Anonymous said...

¡hola chicas, me encantan mucho los zapatos verdes. Es una marca inglés, los《doc marten's》? Tengo zapatos semejantes de una otra marca, pero son amarillos y tienen aspecto de las botas de agua (feísimo, no sé porché los he comprado..).
¿Cómo parecen tus otros zapatos de DM ? Tal vez, podrías mostarlos...:-)

Daisyfox said...

Oh thank you very much for liking my new clothes :))
Yes, but I don't care about the thoughts of other people and I think you have to wear what you like and want to wear :))
Oh thank you so much ;)) <3

Love love love daisy <3

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